About the company

The Weberit Dräbing Group is an owner-managed, medium-sized group of plastics processing companies, which includes the following companies:

  • Weberit Werke Dräbing GmbH (based in Oberlahr and Straßenhaus, Germany)
  • Weberit Werke Dräbing Blasformtechnik GmbH (based in Wissen, Germany)
  • Teetronic Weberit Werke Dräbing GmbH (based in Bretzenheim, Germany)

In cooperation with some powerful partners, it has also been manufacturing in China since June 2013.

At Weberit, customer benefit stands in the foreground, through our use of vanguard technology, our quality, customer service and business-based perspective over all activities. The customers benefit from over 60 years of experience in development and production. The Weberit Dräbing Group is in constant dialogue with the public and its employees. The company places great emphasis on staff development and supports its employees through training, performance and motivation. Protecting the environment is a stated business objective.