Blow moulding

Weberit Werke Dräbing Blasformtechnik GmbH has modern machinery, including 34 extrusion blow-moulding systems of all sizes and variations for products made of PE, PP, PA, EPDM and ABS, of between 5 g and 22 kg in weight, 100 to 2000 mm in length and widths of 20 to 1000 mm. In manufacturing the products, various blow-moulding procedures are used, such as suction blisters, mono or hard-soft-hard. The systems have clamping forces of 7 to 180 tonnes and are equipped with the appropriate automation. Other specialities of the site are high temperature materials, parison manipulation, plastic welding (heating, vibration, ultrasound) and the construction of complete assemblies.

The range of products extends from interior air ducts and engine compartments parts, e.g. intake manifolds for turbo chargers in cars and trucks, through to dirty-air pipes. In addition, Weberit's blow-moulding range includes non-automotive technical parts, such as cisterns for sanitary facilities.