Lightweight construction

Weberit Werke Dräbing GmbH turned to lightweight construction in late 2008. Alongside classic GMT (glass mat thermoplastics) and nylon composite processing, production was shifted towards injection moulding machines, so as to be able to perform not just forming but also the injection of stiffening elements and function elements in one operation.

In addition, fibre strands of different materials such as glass, carbon or aramid can be inserted along the lines of force. Thanks to this new procedure, much higher forces can be applied compared to conventional fibre-reinforced injection moulding materials. In addition, compared to classic Duroplast lightweight construction, significantly higher scaling-up with short cycle times can be achieved, so that large quantities can be produced cost-effectively.

This results in completely new design and application possibilities. For industrial uses of the process, there are 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 kN injection moulding machines with robot handling.